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Research and Teaching Unit for School Education and Instructional Research

Prof. Dr. Michaela Gläser-Zikuda


Selected research projects

NetReSa: “School networking to reduce school dropout” (Read More)

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BASiS-Project: “Relationship building, autonomy and social inclusion at school” (Read More)


Equity Gaps in Education (Lecture Series): (Read More)


SeSaT:  “School alienation and school dropout at Thuringian regular schools” (Read More)

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MMR: “Mixed Methods and Multimethod Research in Empirical Social Research” (Read More) | funded by “DFG”.


PetraKIP: “Personal transparent AI-based portfolio for teacher education. (Read More)


Research Focus

  • emotion, motivation, and interest in the teaching-learning context
  • well being and health
  • formative methods for pedagogic diagnostic
  • design of innovative and medial supported learning environments
  • teaching competences
  • research in teacher education
  • quality of internships in teacher education
  • pedagogic – didactic intervention research
  • qualitative content analysis and mixed Methods


New edition of SUN-Series has been published The new edition (No. 41) of the SESN-Series was published in April 2019 Florian Hofmann, Caroline Rau & Sigrid Zeitler: Formative Diagnosekompetenz entwickeln - eine Herausforderung für Lehramtsstudierende Nuremberg, April 2019 (ISBN: 978-3-9452...

At the Chair Research and Teaching Unit for School Education and Instructional Research, the following topic is currently available for admission or master thesis: "School and teaching under conditions of migration and gender - gender stereotypes and their variability among migrants from post-Sovie...

On March 28, 2019, the annual training event for internship teachers (elementary school / secondary school) took place at the Nuremberg (St. Paul) campus. The internship office and the government of Middle Franconia were invited. Dr. Klaus Wild, the head of the internship office, initially gave some...