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Selected research projects

Detailed information on the research projects of the chair can be found here.


NetReSa: “School networking to reduce school dropout” (Read More)

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BASiS-Project: “Relationship building, autonomy and social inclusion at school” (Read More)


SeSaT:  “School alienation and school dropout at Thuringian regular schools” (Read More)

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MMR: “Mixed Methods and Multimethod Research in Empirical Social Research” (Read More) | funded by “DFG”.


PetraKIP: “Personal transparent AI-based portfolio for teacher education. (Read More)


New edition of SUN-Series has been published The new edition (No. 41) of the SESN-Series was published in April 2019 Florian Hofmann, Caroline Rau & Sigrid Zeitler: Formative Diagnosekompetenz entwickeln - eine Herausforderung für Lehramtsstudierende Nuremberg, April 2019 (ISBN: 978-3-9452...

The Handbook of School Education illuminated school from an interdisciplinary, international and research-methodological perspectives. The historical presentation is followed by a theoretical foundation. Both the German school system and school systems from other countries are considered. The aim of...

On Monday, July 9, experts discussed at the regional learning forum "School Development" what makes good schools to very good schools. An interview with Dr. Klaus Wild, the head of the regional team south of the German School Academy, can be found here. The regional learning forum is organized by...

Gläser-Zikuda, M., Harring, M. & Rohlfs, C. (Hrsg.) (Spring 2017). Handbuch Schulpädagogik. Münster: Waxmann. Ziegelbauer, S. & Gläser-Zikuda, M. (Hrsg.) (2016). Das Portfolio als Innovation in Schule, Hochschule und LehrerInnenbildung. Perspektiven aus Sicht von Praxis, Forschung und Lehre...