Ongoing Dissertations

Ongoing Dissertations

Henriette Brakhage
“Acquiring skills in physics lessons – an interest-based teaching intervention in lower secondary education” 2012-2019 (University of Jena)

Julia Christensen
“Professional relationship competence in the teacher-student relationship” 2015-2020 (external doctorate)

Katharina Fuchs
“An empirical study on various forms of school alienation” 2019-2021

Isabelle Grassmé
“Classroom management skills of teaching students in the school internship” 2016-2019

Ulrike Hagmeier
“Tablets in primary school – effects on the motivation and learning process of children” 2019-2022 (external doctorate)

Johannes Helgert

Nataliia Levchak
“Professionalization of teachers with a migration background” 2018-2021

Simon Meyer
“Learning and achievement emotions of pupils in the context of the transition from primary school to secondary school” 2017-2020

Melike Ömerogullari

“Transitions as an opportunity for disadvantaged children? Significance of affective characteristics at school entry and at the transition to lower secondary level” 2019-2022

Ramona Obermeier
“The effect of familial and scholastic factors on scholastic wellbeing of fifth-graders at catholic secondary schools“

Shirin Saparova
“Well-being and study conditions from the perspective of students with refugee background” 2018-2021

Melanie Stephan
“Technology-based higher education in teachers education – a mixed-methods study on emotional and motivational effects” 2016-2020

Anne Töpfer
“Study satisfaction in educational science – the dissonance between study expectations and study reality” 2013-2020 (University of Jena)