Lehrstuhl für Schulpädagogik mit dem Schwerpunkt empirische Unterrichtsforschung

since 2014

Lecturer at ISPN on the subject of teaching development

since 2013

Organization and implementation of further training on the subject of student activation and establishment of an in-house method curriculum

since 2012

Employees in the control group and the timetable Team

since 2011

Lecturer at the Research and Teaching Unit for School Education and Instructional Research at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

since 2010

Participation in the crisis intervention team and in the working group “Social learning”

since 2009

Training officer


Establishment of a peer mediator group


Switch to the bound full-day branch

since 09/2005

Teacher at the Konrad-Groß-Schule Nuremberg

since 2004

Consultant on peer mediator training at the Pedagogical Institute of the City of Nuremberg


Appointment as internship teacher


Change to the high school branch


Establishment of a mediator program, publication: „Null Bock auf Zoff“

09/1996 – 08/2005

Teacher at the Johann Daniel Preißler School in Nuremberg