Project “Unitag”

Photo Unitag January 2019

The “Unitag” took place on Friday, January 18, 2019, on the Regensburger Straße campus, organized by the team of the Chair Research and Teaching Unit for School Education and Instructional Research. The program was varied, offered an insight into the diverse work at the chair and gave an overview of professional opportunities after completing the teaching degree. The pupils, who had been selected to take part in the “Unitag” because of their particularly good performance, showed interest and participated actively in the communicative offers. Mr. Werner Müller excited with his lecture, which included the participants, on communication in the classroom. In the workshops, which were led by Isabelle Grassmé, Dr. Martina Koch, Ulrike von Urbanowicz, Evi Weigand, the pupils tried out principles of classroom management and got an insight into the different tasks of lesson planning, combined with school pedagogical research questions. Stefanie Seeger then reported on the second phase of training and her experience as a primary school teacher. Finally, the pupils were shown various facilities on the Regensburger Strasse campus.